tisdag 1 mars 2011


Today I want to focus your atention on a clothing line called Velour. The head office is in Gothenburg, Sweden, and they sell their clothes in all the Scandinavian countries but also in European countries like Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, Spain and the United Kingdom. Velour is also represented overseas in Canda, Australia, Japan and the US.

The whole thing began in 1997 when Per Andersson took over his grandmother's shop. He named his shop Nostalgi and it sold clothes along with art and design. The shop was a success and that gave the idea of creating their own clothes. The company Velour was founded in 2002 and the first collection was launched in 2005.

Velour designs for both men and women and they call their style Feelgood Preppy. I like their clothes because they give atention to details. The preppy look suits me and it is an extra perk that the company is based in the western part of Sweden.


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