tisdag 1 mars 2011

Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2011

A few years ago the well known luxury company Louis Vuitton added clothes to their established bags and accessories. It could have gone straight to hell, as it sometimes do when companies try to conquer new territory but it didn't. The designers have stayed true to the feel and atmosphere that we have grown accustomed to concerning Louis Vuitton's other products.

The collection that is out right now is no exception. I would like to describe the style as decadent safari. Can't you imagine yourself at night in Kenya after a long day looking for "the big five" and then having slipped into cool Louis Vuitton with a Vodka Martini in your hand? I suppose we have to win that lottery first ...

The bags of Louis Vuitton are beautiful, granted, but the pattern and monogram is also one of the most copied in the world. What's the point of wasting a small fortune on something that every Tom, Dick and Harry run around with?


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