torsdag 24 mars 2011

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor has died at the age of 79 and a Hollywood legend has left us. Her work is still with us and we can project our dreams and fantasies on what is on the cellolid screen. Taylor was a true beuaty that the camera loved and she was famous for her violet blue eyes.

Other things that she was famous for was being a great actress, being married eight times, twice with Richard Burton that was the love of her life.

Elizabeth Taylor started her career as a child under a contract for MGM. She was one of few who managed the transition from child roles to grown up ones. She won two Academy Awards, one for "Who's afraid of Virginia Wolf".

She played against some of Hollywood's greatest and was close friends with Montgomery clift and Rock Hudson who both were gay. Elizabeth Taylor stood by Rock Hudson when he finally came out as gay and revealed to the world that he had AIDS. Taylor was in the forefront in advocating for HIV and AIDS awareness and raised millions of dollars to research for a cure to the disease.

Elizabeth was never one of my favourites when it comes to actresses but some years ago I saw a documentary about her and she seemed like a clever, level headed, compassionate human being. They also asked her questions about her work with James Dean on the film "The Giant". Dean's sexuality has always been up for speculation. Taylor revealed that the two had spent many evenings together confiding in each other. The camera team wanted her to elaborate.

Elizabeth Taylor just said; "Wouldn't you like to know."

Elizabeth, there you showed true friendship and in that moment you earned your place among the angels.


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