söndag 31 juli 2011


"One has to dare sometimes." A ridicolous answer to a straight question (no pun intended).

For some reasons, usually the wrong ones, we let ourselves be treated in ways we wouldn't if we had a clear head. If you are treated like shit, being used and abused it is horrible of course but some responsibility falls on yourself. The only one who can let yourself be treated like yesterday's garbage is you. Not to say that the other part is blameless. Their way of behaving have everything to do with them and very little to do with you. And in the end a bastard is a bastard, just as well as a bitch is a bitch.

When you look yourself in the mirror are you able to see your strengths, yours weaknesses, your joys and your fears? We all have them even if we don't even have the courage to admit it to ourselves. If we have to learn something in life it is to accept the person that is staring back at us, warts and all. And not only to accept, but to love, love both the light and the dark side. If we can't love that person how in the hell are we going to be able to freely give love to other people?

Unfortunately in life we sometimes lose sight of who we are, lose sight of our goals and dreams to instead live the life someone else has decided to be the director of. When we do that we are in truth seriously lost. At the time when we are lying there pushing up daisies we have one single obligation. To have been true to ourselves, true to the force of love and to have loved freely and not be succumdeb to the fear of not opening our hearts.

Courage doesn't come cheap, and to live your life in somewhat the way you like it you need to be strong.


fredag 29 juli 2011

The Pink Crusade

More pink for the men as I have said before and when I have been looking around in the recent months there have been quite a few items on offer. This pink Fred Perry sweater for instance that I found in an outlet shop in Ashford, England. Thanks to my friend, Irina, I was introduced to this temple of shopping and materialistic consumption. She knows me so well. This sweater was really pink and the pinker the better I think. And now I just happened to rhyme in a strange fashion. Fashion?! I better stop this posting before I paint myself into a corner.

The pink crusade goes on.


onsdag 27 juli 2011


Ann-Margret Olsson. Well, what to say? Ringadingding!! She didn't get the nickname The Sex Kitten for nothing. Born in Sweden but moved to the US at the age of three. I don't think many Swedes see her as Swedish but she has said herself: "You can take the girl out of Sweden, but you can never take Sweden out of the girl".

In the 1960s her career took off and the shy girl tranformed into a sensous being when on stage or in front of the camera. She has done film, TV, music and is still at it and won her latest Emmy Award in the fall of 2010. She is also remembered for her love affair with Elvis which started when they were filming Viva Las Vegas.

She was and is nothing short of stunning and she has definitely set her mark on the entertainment business, accompanied with her own star on Hollywood Boulevard which I found when walking along there a few weeks ago.



I know that some of you darlings wear these and I don't hold it against you. Not too much.They may be cheap and they may be comfortable as nothing else but if I had to choose between hell and wearing crocs I would choose ... hell.


fredag 22 juli 2011

John Stamos

If I'm this well preserved at the age of 47 I'm prepared to sacrifice to the Gods.


Oscar de la Renta

This is a killer dress from Oscar de la Renta. It was recently worn by Sarah Jessica Parker for the New York premiere of the latest Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2.


Beautiful Couple

When flipping through a gossip magazine (Extra) a few hours ago I came across this picture from an event in Båstad, Sweden. Former football player, Marcus Allbäck, and his wife definitely strike as a beautiful couple. Style wise they complement eacht other to a t. My only concern is his brown shoes. Brown is for daytime. The blue shoes below from Hugo Boss would have been much better and would also have matched his hankerchief. A detail can really make or break an outfit.


onsdag 20 juli 2011

Random Thoughts

Hard to imagine that concrete and bright lights in a shining city like New York can hold so much adventure, so much excitement and thrilling experiences but as so many times before I found my salvation in London.

Today I have been at a place I think can be considered to be one of the furthest cries from New York City. Small red houses with white details and large fields as far as the eye can see. In this aspect I'm fire and ice, a contradiction, since I love both the biggest cities just as well the wildest countryside. It is the things inbetween that I'm not so fond of.

I wouldn't say that the same person returned to Sweden in comparison to the one who left. I feel different and think differently. It's time for a new chapter. The goals I had set for myself years agoa have been fulfilled. Now I need new goals and they are already forming and brewing in my brain. I don't seek world fame or big heaps of money but if I succeed it will be known.

I'm happier than ever that I'm a creative person and that I know how to wield these talents to give me the biggest personal gratification and hopefully in the process entertain others in more ways than one.

The lily means "I dare you to love me."

What we believe in life is coloured and affected by the experiences we encounter in life. For some reasons I have been shown past lives. I have been a political writer in 17th century Holland and an noble woman in 18th century England. I have chosen to learn something from these experiences and have seen that the written word has been of great importance to me in all life times, just as well as that the same soul has been my love time and time again. That is in truth a bit scary.

You defiled my love and denied your own. No matter how you cut it Karma is a bitch and it will always find its goal and deliever what needs to be delievered.


Ankle Socks

Ankle socks. This invention that seems to be have been invented for the sole purpose that you can wear your shoes with the illusion of being bare foot, all depending on the shoe of course. Well, if you for some reason feel the need to show a few extra inches of your legs in the summer heat, why not?

But when the shoes come off so should the ankle socks because otherwise you just look - ridicolous.


måndag 18 juli 2011


Some companies succeed better than others when it comes to window displays. Hermés belongs to the really gifted ones. They have for years and years had a real talent for show casing their goods. I am particularily fond of their practise of making their china seem to float in the air. They make everything look delectable and they make you want to purchase the things, which naturally is the point of it all.

Displays from the Hermés shop on Fifth Avenue in New York City.


söndag 17 juli 2011


Beauty. Beauty is told to be held in the eye of the beholder. Beauty is nothing more than symmetry, a symmetry of the face that for some reason is pleasing to the eye. That is the shell, the outer beauty but there is also an inner beauty and the two do not necessarily correlate. A person who perhaps can't be called beautiful or handsome can be an absolutely stunning person on the inside. Naturally the opposite also exist, where a person is considered as near to breathtaking but what is on the inside is purely rotten. We are sadly judged by our exterior which only goes skin deep, but when we get to know that the person with the mesmerizing eyes and marvellous lips are quite a disgusting person that beauty mercilessly fades.

So does my exterior correlate with what is on the inside? Well, that is for me to know and for you to find out ....



Strong colours have been popping like crazy this season and why not? It cheers things up, don't you think? Some colours attract more attention than others and one of them is the colour yellow. If you are one of those people who revel in the interest you can attract in your fellow human beings yellow could be the choice for you.


torsdag 14 juli 2011


This scarf covered in skulls will keep me warm this coming autumn.



Ooops, I did it again!!

As I have mentioned before I have a large but nevertheless very cramped wardrobe. But what do I do? When in Los Angeles I go and buy two pieces from Marc Jacobs. I just fell for them and couldn't help myself. No thoughts of any already very full closet, just buy, buy, buy.

Oh dear ....


söndag 10 juli 2011

An Ending of Something and a Beginning of Something New

Photographer: No one.

Tomorrow I jump on my fourth different airline in three weeks. To tell you the truth, I don't want to go home. I like this. Los Angeles, New York and London. That is my kind of thing. With this trip it feels like I have put a version of myself to sleep. Stepped out of the cocoon, but this new version seems to be a bit more cruel and vicious. It sure as hell doesn't take any prisoners and it has a fondness for Canadians.

There is so much to see and discover out there in the world, and I suppose it is up for grabs if you have the courage to do it. You only get once chance to be the version of the life form you are now so why not make the best of it? I will return to these places that I have graced with my presence and most definitely Hollywood. I am not finished with Hollywood in many ways.

I'll be back.


fredag 8 juli 2011

Selfridges & Windowshopping

When it comes to large department stores in the world they up the game where window dressing is concerned. I'm always amazed at the creativity the people who do this work possess. They really think outside of the box, no pun intended, since they can really make the most of the box shaped windows they have to work with. The displays of Selfridges are really playful and colourful at the moment, and imagine coming up with the idea of putting big inflated lips on top of the dummies instead of the head.

These displays made me happy.


tisdag 5 juli 2011

A New Beginning

A new haircut, a few slight high lights and a pair of blue sunglasses and I can say that I'm off to a new start. We all need sometimes, to leave things behind and look at the world with fresh eyes. It definitely isn't easy but consequently it seems like life is supposed to be painful at times. And when the pain subsides we get the luxury of feeling free, at least hopefully.

People who are energy thieves are to be left at the door, and goals and dreams could use a revision. The purpose of it all is of course to make your life better and the next great thing can be just around the corner. It's just a matter of keeping your eyes open. Open to possibilities and to people who can love you and make you a better version of yourself. Far, far from easy but imagine what would happen if you stuck to the opposite way of doing things.

I used to be afraid of dying. Now I don't care what happens to me. There lies a certain sense of freedom in that too.


söndag 3 juli 2011

Alexander Skarsgård

Alexander Skarsgård, the Swedish hottie of True Blood, is grazing the covers of GQ and Interview. The result is really nice and it is quite apparent why a large portion of the human race have their tongues down by their knee caps.