tisdagen den 8:e april 2014

Game of Thrones, Season 4

Design and fashion is influenced by popular culture. And then fashion influences society and popular culture. It is a sort of symbiois where I suppose you don't see where one ends and the other one starts. One thing that is most likely to put its mark on fashion and other design is Game of Thrones. Today when we have so many series on TV and new media like digital media it is not often that a series attracts that much buzz as Game of Thrones have and will. It is down to quality. The production is next to perfect in all aspects, and quality never goes out of style. Season 4 premiered on the 6th of April and will send ripples through popular culture yet again. And we will see the effects of it also in fashion.


fredagen den 4:e april 2014

Antonio Berardi A/W 14

Antonio Berardi's clothes for Autumn/Winter for 2014 can be summed up as school girl gone bad. It is a feeling of rocknroll and rebel over the Collection. There are some good pieces and some nose dives. That is to be expected. Even the sun has its spots.

Check out more about Antonio at www.antonioberarbi.com .


onsdagen den 2:e april 2014

Versace Menswear Spring 2014

Well, what to say? The menswear of Versace can leave you speechless. Unfortunately seldom for good reasons. When taking a look at the top picture I could wear the blue suit on the left. The other two are not exactly bad but I'm neither twenty nor a popstar. Let's face I don't belong to Versace's target group. For several reasons. The model in the middle as handsome as he is it looks like someone threw up on him. Poor dear. And finally the model in the skimpy swim wear. Not much fabric there. But still very expensive I should believe. A robe is a robe but quite good sandals. Especially if you are going back in time to ancient Greece. But who, in this case, looks at the sandals really? Really?!


tisdagen den 1:e april 2014

Last Night at Chelsea Flower Show

On May the 23d this year Fortnum & Mason ends the Chelsea Flower Show with the Ultimate Chelsea Party. Starting with admission to the Flower Show and after that lots of champagne.

At £195 a pop and book at fortnumandmason.co.uk.


Gucci Menswear Spring 2014

Yes, Spring is in the air. And the flowers have started to bloom, and they are not only popping out of the ground but also on the Spring collection for men at Gucci. It is daring to say the least and of course better suited on a youth than any other. And since the flowers are Gucci they do not come cheap. It is colourful and fun, absolutely, but for some reason I prefer my flowers to be in the garden.
Check further on www.gucci.com or your nearst luxury department store.

måndagen den 31:e mars 2014

GQ UK Edition

I'm back. Why not? Why not indulge in what I love the most? Writing and fashion. And let's face it, there is a lot to be said about the fashion in the world. Both good and bad. At Stansted Airport last satuday I picked up a copy of the UK edition of GQ Magazine. It stood out with its black and White Picture and its gold letters. And naturally due to the handsome models on the front cover. Well, at least two handsome ones. You can guess which two I mean if you like. GQ Magazine gives you an accurate description of what is happening at the moment, and it is of course a help stylewise. Especially if you have no style of your own.


tisdagen den 18:e december 2012

Hackett fall 2012

The end of 2012 is near and I think we will still be here in the beginning of 2013 as well. We will have time for the upcoming sales and why not splash out on some of this season's delights from Hackett. I'm not so sure about the check trousers but to each his own.