söndag 20 mars 2011


Style is not only what you wear but also what your home looks like. I can paint so when I see something I like my first instinct is I can do that myself. My piece of furinture for my TV is quite high but I still wanted a painting above it. I had a canvas made to measure and then I decided on blue because that has always been my favourite colour. Then I decided to use circles in different sizes that intertwined and played with different shades of blue.

The next project resides above my sofa, opposite to painting number one. Years ago I saw a picture in Elle Interior where someone had plastered an entire wall with cuttings from magazines. I thought it was cool but perhaps a bit too much for my own walls. Back to the art shop for another canvas and then I glued on beautiful models to my heart's content.

And it is obvious that I need a new mobile with a better camera.


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