onsdag 30 mars 2011


I read fashion magazines quite frequently and blogs and where ever I can find it. Inevitably I have opinions. Sometimes it seems like trend analysts and designers are struck by a collcetive oxygen deprivation when they feel the urge to put out something new on the market. Has the combination of a tailored jacket, a pair of suit pants that have been cut above the knee and a flash of hairy legs between said shorts and shoes ever looked good? This is a style that should not be tested by anyone else than a trend hungry twenty something that wants to look exactly as the models in the magazines. If you are over twentyfive it can almost be considered illegal if you wear that.

All the trends and fashion styles that are force fed upon us don't need to be embraced and digested by us. Enormous shoulder pads and leg warmers are things that we could have done without and should never again have been allowed to be taken out into the light from the wardrobe of fashion history. Just because a certain style is presented in a fashion magazine doesn't mean that it is automatically beautiful or that it should come in contact with a human body.

Another trend that leaves me dumbfounded is short suit jackets. Short jackets on people who are not sporting a bubble butt is not a hit. A short jacket could make most arses look like a battle ship out on a mission. The nerd seems to be have been some sort of inspiration, therefore the short pants where you can clearly see shoes and socks. If you are going to stand the slightest chance to pull that off you need nice shoes and some multicoloured socks that can take off the edge that you happened to have popped up from the backwaters of fashion.

All trends are not cool and beautiful and should not end up in our wardrobes. To a certain extent we should try to dress our age. Many new styles only look good on trend hungry youngsters who haven't seen that particular style before, not the rest of us. Finally for a trend that is upon us at the moment, camouflage. If you are not planning to go into the woods to hunt deer or have planned to enlist with the French foreign legion camoufalge is not for you. I don't care how old you are or what gender you are. If camouflage is in your wardrobe, burn it!!


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