onsdag 16 mars 2011


In the last decade they have been popping up like mushrooms, the outlets. I suppose the opinions about them are as many as there are people. Personally I'm torn. At times they can be fun as h**l and at other times they rival the art of watching paint dry in term of boredom. I'm glad that they exist because otherwise my finances would be down the dumps and I have found some real bargains through the years. It is quite amazing, the feeling of a bargain, the feeling when you find a pair of coveted jeans from Lee or a jacket from ACNE for half the price. I was at one of the these places today, lager 157 (warehouse 157). Not for shopping sake. I was there to get my students to understand the art of doing business. No clothes for me today but I came home with three books and a DVD.

Photo: Tobias Sandblom


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