torsdag 10 mars 2011

Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair

Behind the label Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair we find real life couple Astrid and Lee from Sweden and England. When I first read about the company and saw the clothes some years ago I was excited about a new Swedish brand that concentrated on the classical pieces like trenchcoats and the like. When we look at the collection that is out now that seems to be thrown out the window. Companies, no matter if they are in the fashion business or not, need to reinvent themselves and Fifth Avenue Shoe Reapair has certainly done that. I like the sweater above but I'm not a big fan of the trousers. They are probably comfy but I don't particularily like to walk around looking like I have taken a dump in my pants.
That is the thing about trends. They are fleeting and we can embrace them or discard them at will. There is no rule that says that we have to buy it just because trend institues and fashion houses for some reason say it is the next big thing. The style above is an absolute no-no for me. If I wanted to look like I had taken a time travel from 1930s America in the guise of a hillbilly I would be all in, but this is not my cup of tea.

Shorts. Red and black check. I would rather walk over burning coals then jump into that outfit.

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