onsdag 23 mars 2011

Cheap Monday

I like promoting Swedish success stories and Cheap Monday fits that category. This project was launched in 2004 by Örjan Andersson. He had some years in the fashion business under his belt as partner in shops like Weekend and Weekday. He saw an opening in the market for jeans that were of good design yet cheap. It started with jeans but in 2005 there were fullblown collections for both men and women. In March 2004 the first delievery of jeans amounted to 800 pairs which can be put in contrast to the brand today being sold in 35 countries around the world.

I like the concept but I don't belong to the target group. Honestly I think that most of the clothes are ugly. The picture above was the only one from the 2011 spring collection that spoke to me, and let's face it, it's quite mainstream. I also like the t-shirt below which I gladly could add to my wardrobe.


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