fredag 25 mars 2011

Balmain Spring 2011

Balmain has decidely gone rock. A far cry from the sophistication and elegance that Pierre Balmain was known for in his time but one has to evolve and adapt to the changes in time and society. Balmain was born in 1914 and opened his own fashion house in 1945 just after World War II. Balmain died in 1982. The fashion house belong to the group of houses that for a while felt tired and outdated. They went the way that Gucci did and hired young, hot designers to infuse new life in the brand. Today Christophe Decarnin controls the ship that is Balmain.

I like the style. A bit of edge is so much better than plain, old boring. Talking about old. I think I might be a bit old for Balmain. If you look at the models they don't look a day over sixteen. One has to dress one's age. Otherwise it can look quite ridicolous. Fortunately there are plenty of young people who want to fill Balmain's coffers with their money.


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