fredag 18 mars 2011

John Lewis

In London on Oxford Street we have one department store after another. One of these is John Lewis. In the building next to John Lewis I went to college, London College of Fashion if you happen to have forgottten. We went into John Lewis quite often, at least on the ground floor and that was because of the section with fabrics. We needed fabric samples for all our different projects and John Lewis had a very good selection and very good staff that helped us. I suppose they were used to having students running there all the time asking for fabric swatches.

I can't say that I explored so much more of John Lewis. The image isn't exactly of the hippest, hottest or most fashion forward but it is an institution on Oxford Street. Now I think it would be fun to go exploring and discover what I didn't then. How about it, Irina? Should we take a reminiscing tour of John Lewis and perhaps LCF as well?


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