fredag 30 november 2012

Beauty by Berkhamsted

Caroline Gärde & Jari Ketola

Earlier this autumn we had a photo shoot at a relative's mansion for the catalogue for the Spring Collection 2013. Berkhamsted just makes menswear, so far, but we still wanted some beautiful women in the mix. Jari wears a shirt from Berkhamsted and Caroline is donned in clothes from Swedish clothing chain Gina Tricot.

Caroline has been my work mate. Jari is a new acquitance. It is quite evident that both of them won first prize in the genetical draw, which make them perfect candidates for promoting my label.

Beauty for and by Berkhamsted.


torsdag 29 november 2012

Berkhamsted Castle

When me and my partner/relative David decided to go on this adventure we decided on storytelling as a tool to seperate us from the rest. We made the decision to use the family tree. It is only collecting dust anyway. Way back in history we have one of our first known ancestors, William the Conqueror. As the Duke of Normandy he decided to invade England and succeeded in doing so in the famous battle at Hastings in 1066.

North of London is a place called Berkhamsted. Here there was a forification already in Saxon times but William started the new building in 1066. He later left the castle to his half-brother, Robert. Since 1337 Berkhamsted castle has been in the posession of the Duchy of Cornwall and the ruins that are left today are in the care of The English Heritage.

We thought about different names for our label of menswear and came to the conclusion that the name of our ancestor's old castle was nothing short of perfect.



Me and Berkhamsted

Yes, I have the pure audacity to use myself in the advertising of my label, Berkhamsted. Remember that name!! I naturally have other models to show off my clothes. Models more mouth watering than me but all in good time. I won't reveal everything at once.

The shirt I'm wearing is part of the Spring Collection 2013. You only see part of it here but will in a day or two be shown to you on a very handsome and well built model.

To be continued ...


onsdag 28 november 2012

The Bitch is Back

Photo by Johan Dunder.

I haven't graced the social media in quite some time, which in blogging terms is the same as suicide. I have been busy, really busy.

Instead of only writing about fashion I decided to dictate it. A relative and me have started a company and will launch a new menswear label. The name is Berkhamsted.

The name is taken from a fortress that was built in 1066 on order by our ancestor, William the Conqueror.

I will reveal more in pieces and hopefully keep you curious.

From time to time I will also write about other fashions that I like.