onsdag 30 november 2011

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig ozzes maculinity and he was the one who brought back some oomph into James Bond. His first film Casino Royale I thought was excellent but even a good and charismatic actor can have his bad days, and in this case Daniel's second try as our favourite spy in Quantum of Solace was crap from beginning to end. Let's hope for the third which is to be called Skyfall if I remember correctly, where agent 007 will be playing with reinstated characters like MoneyPenny and Q.

Daniel Craig is man who wears nice and stylish clothes both off and on screen, but as we can see he looks quite good even without much fabric on. If men could portray half of what this English actor is channeling out towards us the world would be our oyster.

Somebody, give me a napkin. I'm drooling.


Quote of the Day

"Sometimes you have to play the game even if you don't like the rules."


Almost Delightful

Here is a nice blog for you to follow: An almost delightful blog.


tisdag 29 november 2011


My protégés. Soon I unleash them on the world. You won't know what have hit you.


Love, Relationships and Selfdoubt

Watching a television show where some more or less famous Swedish people dicuss together. One of them is Andreas Lundstedt who is openly gay and hiv-positive. He is a handsome man and that doesn't change because he has a virus coarsing through his veins.

It can be hard to find love and sustain a relationship, and I suppose it is harder still when you have a disease no matter if it is visible or not. One of the worst diseases is not fatal nor contagious. It is the disease of the mind, that we are not worthy of love. That we, no matter how symmetrical our faces are, feel ugly and don't believe that we could conjur up the tiniest of tenderness and love in another human being.

It actually needs to start with ourselves. No matter how conceited it may sound we need to love ourselves in order to be able to love another. When you have stared death in the face and survived to tell the tale you embrace yourself with all the good and all the bad. If you couldn't before you now like the person you are and can freely give love to someone else ...

... no matter if they have the ability to love you back or not ...


Card Holder

I could use a new card holder. Mine is giving out. I think the one above from Bally is my favourite.


måndag 28 november 2011

Andreas Wijk

Andreas Wijk has one of Sweden's most popular blogs. He writes in Swedish but you who need it can use google translate. There isn't much to translate if truth is to be told. If you want you beautiful pictures of a cute boy then you have found your source.


Jonathon Abrielle

Jonathon Abrielle is a photographer to keep an eye on.



When I was a baby my mother worked with a young woman who had psychic abilities. She could see things and predict things.

She looked at me when I was a baby and told my mother that I would have lots of books, travel alot abroad and be well off.

It turns out she was right.


söndag 27 november 2011

Christmas at Asprey's

In London we have Asprey on Bond Street. A Christmas shopping here could break most people's economies. Consumerism can actually be seen as a serious problem in our present society. If we go on consuming like we do our planet will not survive it. We are in a financial crisis at the moment and which way it is going to go is anybody's guess but traditionally we have used consumption as a way out and on to a new prosperity. It is a bit of a catch 22, wouldn't you agree? So what are we supposed to do? I think it is left partially to our own consciousness and the things at Asprey are beautiful no matter if you are going to buy them or not and have the opportunity to buy them or not.



I am totally fascinated by wolves. They are predators and feared by humans. The last thing can be a bit strange because they are only following their instincts, and we pose a bigger threat to them than what they do to us. Wolves are seen as a force of evil and of course also connected to the myth of the werewolves. But a long time ago humans and wolves connected. The humans domesticated them and bred them. Today we call the offsprings dogs.



Dogsitting for a couple of weeks. Black has always been my best colour.


lördag 26 november 2011


Every last friday of the month there is gay club in Gothenburg called Queer. They have a different theme every time and the scene is very mixed. It's good for a laugh.

If you compare with the go-go dancers in Los Angeles the Swedish ones are quite lame. Handsome and well built, but lame.



Yesterday I spoke to a man. The level of pain, darkness and self disdain was next to overwhelming. He reminded me of someone else. In him I saw the inner likeness of the man I couldn't do anything for no matter how much love I had inside my heart for him. Some people carry arond so much pain and darkness you can wonder how they can stand upright at all.

A sliver of darkness lives in all of us. I accepted mine a long time ago. From time to time I get seduced by it but the days of wallowing in it are over.

Perhaps my fate is to save this one instead of the one who cannot be saved .......


torsdag 24 november 2011


Since 1894 they have seduced us with a rugged yet elegant and classical style that screams English upper class in the countryside. The Union Jack and everything that represents the UK is Barbour.



Picture courtesy of hm.com

For the festive season H&M has provided us with this white jacket black details and paired with black trousers and a black t-shirt. Looks good and cool in the picture but sadly a little bit worse for wear in real life.


onsdag 23 november 2011

Hugo Boss

The season is a bit dark. I'm a bit tired. I think you and I need some cheering up with beauty courtesy of Hugo Boss.


Tom Ford Fall 2011

Tom Ford always delievers an air of sexiness and I love him for it. Lots of pieces that some kind person can sure make their way to under my Christmas tree. The style of fall 2011 has been a success with a hint of The Great Gatsby.



Receiving the cheers, the applause, the shouts of joy never grows old. Trust me. It is also extremely addictive, especially for a validation junkie like me.

Photos by Daniel Swanemar

Loved by No One, Loved by Many.


tisdag 22 november 2011

Agent 008 - sch ...

So I was a bit quiet this weekend. I was busy with a fairly secret project. I suppose that I with tongue in cheek can call myself Agent 008 (since a character took the name 007,5 and I am far more deadly than him). My mission; success and fortune.

What is is will be revealed when I choose to.

Until then .... schhh ...


Chunk Clothing Co

I found a cool t-shirt a few days back from Chunk Clothing Co. I have always loved Star Wars and to see the characters of those films in more everyday life situations I found really cool.


The Dandy

The Dandy. The happy go lucky man with too much money to spend and with a flair for style and clothes. What's not to like? And what a delicious concept to use as inspiration when creating clothes. A bit of dandy, a bit of a reckless and hedonistic approach on life does not need to be a bad thing.