söndag 13 mars 2011

Hackett London

Of the spur of the moment I went into Hackett's webpage and looked through the new arrivals of the men's collection and these are the items I found interesting. Hackett isn't exactly the place you run to if you want the latest trends and avantgarde fashion. Hackett is worth a visit if you want quality and a style that will last for many seasons.

What was to become Hackett saw the light in 1979 in Portobello Road when Jeremy Hackett and Ashely Lloyd-Jennings met. They sold second hand British men's clothing in a stall before opening their first shop in 1983 on New King's Road in Parsons's Green, London. They still concentrated on selling second hand clothes and gathered a cult status among the young crowds. In 1985 they branched out and started making their own clothes.

In 1986 a range of shops are open in the vicinity of the first. Each and every one specialising in a certain field like shirts and ties, sportswear and formal wear. Since the shops were close to each other the area was called the Hackett Cross by London cabbies.

In 1992, the year I arrived in London, Hackett opened their flagship shop on Sloane Street which is one of the major streets in London for luxury shopping. In 2006 Hackett was represented in fifteen countries around the world. Not bad for a business that started with a stall in Portobello Road thirty odd years ago.

I recommend a visit to their shop on Sloane Street.


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