tisdag 8 mars 2011


Madonna is the one who put the C back in chameleon and the S back in success. When I was a teenager she was my biggest idol. She was and is not the best singer or the best dancer but she delievers one hell of a package. One of the reasons that I have been and is so fascinated is because she has reinvented herself over and over again. Her influence on pop-culture is substantial to say the least.

Madonna has always had the ear to the ground and a unique ability to pick up on trends and on what is considered to be the next big thing. She is an extraordinary image and brand builder that has pushed the envelope when it comes to music videos, fashion and world tours.

Another reason why I like her is that she says "Express Yourself". She advocates freedom of speech, the individual's right to be who he or she is and that if you want something done you usually have to do it yourself.

Madonna has inspired a great number of stars like Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga to name a few.

One of Madonna's latest projects is creating a line of clothing with her daughter Lourdes named Material Girl after on of Madonna's earlier hits. Sold on Macys in the US and the style is definitely that of an 1980s Madonna. What to say? Fashion forward is not the word that springs to mind. It has been seen before but probably not by the teenagers that I guess is the intented target group. No matter. It will sell like hot cakes because it is Madonna, if not someone suddenly injects some fairness into this world and the clothes end up where they belong.


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