tisdag 29 mars 2011

Karl Lagerfeld Spring/Summer 2011

Sometimes we buy clothes because of the label. We might not even like them but the image of the brand and of the designer make them into coveted items. Let's face it, something that is especially true of men's wear is that it sometimes is difficult if not sheer impossible to distinguish who is behind the designs. It all looks basically the same. It's a thought that was renewed in my mind when I looked at Karl Lagerfeld's webpage. What was especially Lagerfeld about the clothes? It could just as easily have been H&M, Reiss, Calvin Klein or TopMan.
One thing that differs from one brand to the other is the price. Of course quality and cut can be different but if I had shown the pictures without mentioning Karl Lagerfeld would you have been able to tell that he was the designer? Perhaps I need some more distintictive features of style except the label Karl Lagerfeld to cough up the money.

The webpage is cool and I had immensely fun spinning the doll of Karl Lagerfeld around and around ...


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