torsdag 10 mars 2011

Dior at Paris Fashion Week

The fashion show for Dior went ahead as planned during the Paris Fashion Week and with good reviews. The only downer was the sacking of head designer John Galliano due to his racist slurs at a restaurant in Paris. How the mighty has fallen.

Baby doll inspired dresses and strong influences from the 1970s are some of what could be seen parading down the catwalk. The dresses are flimsy and romantic and could make a nice summer's day even more appealing. Soft colours, beautiful fabrics and nicely cut. Just what we have come to expect from Dior. The shoes are tantalising but will probably lead to a sprained ankle or two.

I love the style of the 1970s but the past decade it feels like I have seen it one time too many as an influence in designers' collections. That being said I really like the clothes shown by Dior. I get pictures of female spies on secret missions in glamorous places around the world. Why not call the style Hippy de Luxe.


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