tisdag 8 mars 2011

In all fairness

In all fairness I said that I would show you the rest of my students' companies in Young Entrepenurship and I am a man of my words. The boys above make a sort "rucksack" where you can carry your stationary computer when you are going to a Dreamhack or such.

These guys make table mats where you can put your pots and pans. The pieces are made of hard plastic and you can put them together a bit according to your own wishes.

This company, Ekoshelf, makes shelves out of oak. Two of the guys are relatives of mine. (You can never get teenagers to stand still)

These three guys design and manufacture longboards.

Hotcase makes bags for your hair straightener.

This company which name I have forgotten (sorry) makes a holder so you can more easily watch something on your ipad.

These guys makes football socks that stay up without the players need to use scotch tape.

Necessary makes toilet bags made out of recycled fabrics.

Hang On makes particular boards where you can put up notifications, jewellry or whatever you like.

There is aonther company and they sell fair trade chocolate, candy, spices and coffee. I bought the chocolate and forgot to take a picture. Big oops!!


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