måndag 14 mars 2011

A Fashion Reflection at Lunchtime

I study people all the time. What they wear, how they behave and how they look. If they only knew. Since fashion and style are subjects that are high on my list, so to speak, it is quite natural that I spend time looking at the clothes people choose to wear. I spent the lunch hour today looking at the people I had around me in the establishment. Quite a sad story. As a defence can be said that I ate lunch in a very small city and that usually means that the fashion sense is a bit lower than in a larger city (if I'm allowed to be a complete bigot and dwell on prejudices for a short while). To continue, a sad story, and not a single person that particularily stood out from the crowd. A lot of grey and black and 80% that wore jeans. The lack of colour didn't brighten this grey and snow covered day. When it comes to the jeans, they are comfortable and it is a monday for blooming sake. But a little more effort could perhaps be asked for so we don't end up looking like something that came out of a xerox machine.

What about me then, you probably ask yourselves? I'm guilty of wearing the jeans as most of the others but I had a striped multi-coloured sweater.


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