lördag 28 april 2012


I was out yesterday drinking far too much champagne which of course leads to that the brain isn't functioning properly today. I'm pissed off about an old lover as sometimes you do. Done extensive window shopping, eaten some oysters and had som more wine. It is bloody well time for an infusion of luxury and Buberry will more then suffice.


torsdag 26 april 2012

Mulberry 2012

For this season Mulberry has raided the 1970s candy shop. I like the 70s feel and is always fun but yellow is a colour that is hard to pull off. You are most likely to end up looking like a chicken.


tisdag 24 april 2012

Barker Grant Brogue Suede Oxford Shoes

I have had a bit of a cold te last two days and its not gone yet. As you know there are few things as pathetic as a man with a cold. I feel cranky and a real baby. When I was a child my grandfather used buy me icecream when I had a cold. Icecream works today as well but what would work even better is a pair of these shoes.

Did I mention that my birthday is coming up?


tisdag 17 april 2012


Roberto Cavalli is one of those designers whose clothes are a mix of rockn'roll, luxury and just a little bit too much. Both the advertising for his main brand and for Just Cavalli is highly sexualised. I suppose that is why it hits home with me.


måndag 16 april 2012

Bad Taste

Just a minute ago they sent a preview programme for the Eurovision Songcontest. Painful from beginning to end of bad English, drab decor, bad music and absolutely hideous clothes. A fashion intervention NOW!


söndag 15 april 2012

Reiss Spring/Summer 2012

As always the company Reiss delivers trusty pieces that are classical and never too much. If you want too much you have to set your sights elsewhere. Reiss is as all the others following the season's current trend of more or less vibrant colours. If you want a safe bet in ýour wardrobe you go with Reiss.


lördag 14 april 2012

torsdag 12 april 2012

Hermes Spring/Summer 2012

Hermes makes bags that some women seem to be able to kill for. Well at least sign on a waiting list and pay a sum that could finance a proper trip to the other side of the world. Hermes has been around for quite some time and isn't exactly what we associate with fashion forwardness but they live on old and hard earned laurels. Another thing that a lot of women consider to be a must have in their wardrobe is a Hermes scarf.

Even though Hermes makes menswear (and other things naturally) I personally think that it feels like a woman's label. Men don't feel that they need to break their necks och bust their bank balance for a jacket or a pair of trousers from Hermes like they would be more likely to do for Hugo Boss, Armani or Burberry. As a man's label Hermes is quite anonymous which is of course a bit strange. The quality is excellent, the prices are over the top like all luxury brands and their clothes are not particularily different from the other labels mentioned above. So what is it down to? Marketing and the building of brand value. Hermes has all the necessary assets. Now it is all done to the packaging.


onsdag 11 april 2012

Herb Ritts L.A. Style

At the moment there is an ongoing exhibition at the Getty Museum in Los Angeles of a selection of the lifework of photographer Herb Ritts. The exhibition will run until the 26th of August. With the exhibition in mind there is book out called Herb Ritts L.A. Style. You can get in bookshops and of course at the glorious place called Amazon. Herb Ritts tragically left us too soon but we still have his work to dazzle our everyday life. What wou;ldn't I have given to be photographed by him?!


tisdag 10 april 2012

John Lewis

John Lewis is a chain of shops that have been around for ages in England. One of their flagships is Peter Jones at Sloane Square. I walked past there today and saw some lovely shoes in the window. Who could resist loving a violet shoe like the one above?! You can stroll into one of their shops or visit their webshop at www.johnlewis.com. So many great shoes and I want all of these. I wonder of John Lewis could consider sponsring me?


måndag 9 april 2012

Hannah Warner

Hannah Warner is a brand of jewellers to keep an eye on and I think the coral collection is the best of the bunch.


söndag 8 april 2012


When in England you get reminded by brands that you tned to forget otherwise like the ultra English Jaeger. Understated fashion that puts the E back into English but perhaps not much to write home about.

fredag 6 april 2012

Happy Easter in |Yellow

In England at the moment. My second home. It's Easter and I hope you have a happy one. Perfect opportunity to wear yellow. One of the trendy colours of the season but not one of the easiest colours to wear. It's an entirely different matter if you are Angelina Jolie. Then everything looks good.

torsdag 5 april 2012

Lee Bag

As with clothes and shoes I can feel the need to buy a bag or two even it it is totally unnecessary. If you have a set household and a fixed income life isn't so much about needs but about wants. I surfed past Lee's webpage and found this denim bag for about £80. I have enough bags but sadly, especially for my economy I could still consider acquiring it.


tisdag 3 april 2012

Gucci Spring 2012 Ad Campaign

A cold spell has returned to Sweden. Then why not soak yourself in guilty pleasures like Gucci. Effortless and in most cases totally useless luxury. Looks good, makes an impact, is pirate copied from here to eternity, costs an arm and a leg and can turn a grey and gloomy day into something spectacular. And if nothing else an elegant advertising campaign can distract the atention away from not the best text in the world.


måndag 2 april 2012

Lock & Co Hatters

It has been a killer weekend, and it has been a killer in that sense that my back has been killing me. The small of my back is stiff and it aches. Huge bummer and I need a massage. At least one can cheer oneself up a bit by looking at the things you can find on St James's Street in London. Tailored shirts, hand made shoes and why not hats? The shops of this street has been catering the nobility and the well to dos since the 18th century and it is a true marvel to visit this street even if you are not going to buy something. It is a well worth experience no matter if you just look in the windows or if you go from there stuffed with bags of goodies. One of the shops is James Lock & Co Hatters where you can buy hats for all the seasons and all the occasions. Why not top off your ensemble with an elegant hat like the one above? Or if you go for the more atention grabbing mode why not the hat that we all associate with Sherlock Holmes or why not a Smoking Cap? Guaranteed to get people to turn their heads.