tisdag 15 februari 2011


Changing rooms are usually quite a horrible experience. Cramped, sometimes a bit dirty and with a lightning so harsh that the best of supermodels end up looking a traffic accident waiting to happen. You have to go to the high end of the scale when it comes to shops if you want to have a somewhat nice time. With one exception, Zara, which has quite nice changing rooms. My absolute worst experience was a dressing room by a pillar between two shop windows. You pulled a drape around yourself but you could be partially seen by the people walking by the windows. :-s

Some times it feels like I grew up in changing rooms. My mother was and is a bit of a fashionista and could spend what felt like an eternity in shops trying one piece of clothing after the other. In some shops there were toys you could play with. Otherwise I used my imagination and rearranged the shops in my mind to what I thought they should look like.

I suppose that is why I feel a bit like home in a changing room .....


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