fredag 25 februari 2011

Matilda of England

I take a leap back in history today and land some hundred years back in the family tree. I needed a boost today and reading about fascinating ancestors does it for me. Matilda was born in 1156 and was the daughter of Henry II of England and Eleanor of Aquitaine. If I say that she was the older sister of Richard the Lionheart I think you can pinpoint her more easily in history.
Matilda left England in 1167 to marry Henry the Lion, Duke of Saxony and Bavaria, (at the age of eleven!!!). They had four sons and one daughter. The most noted of them is Otto who became Holy Roman Emperor. I can't remember which of the children is "mine" so to speak. I have to check.
Matilda's husband, Henry the Lion, was a close ally to Fredrik I, Holy Roman Emperor, and assisted the Emperor in his wars in the holy land from 1172 to 1173. In her husband's absence Matilda governed the realm and quite successfully. Loyalities and trust are fleeting and in 1174 Henry was in conflict with the Emperor and Matilda and Henry had to flee to her father's court. They were allowed back to Saxony in 1185. In 1189 Henry was yet again ordered into exile. Matilda stayed at Brunswick to defend her husband's interests but she died three months later.

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