tisdag 22 februari 2011


It becomes more and more common with online shopping sites concerning clothes. For better and for worse. It is naturally very easy to sit at home by your computer or where ever you happen to be and buy stuff. Downsides are that you can't try them on and you also lose some of the shopping experience which a lot of people value.

One of these sites that I'm not so familiar with is Stayhard. They also have a few regular shops and today I went into the one in Gothenburg and liked what I saw. There were many items that I would like to purchase. Too many. A few minutes ago I went into their website and I thought that the site was also nice and easy to handle. One thing that the site can't give me is the sales person that I met this afternoon and she was really nice.

Most of the times the staff can either make or break a shopping experience, but they are to prefer before the impersonal service of an Internet site.

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