söndag 27 februari 2011

Glossy Magazines

I like glossy magazines. They are far from reality but I suppose that is part of the thrill. Glossies are about fantasies, about dreams and many of them unattainable to the largest portion of their readers. Why do we pour over magazines that tell us what to wear, what to buy, what to eat and how we should exercise? Because they give us an escape from our nine to five existence and promises us a world seen through pink coloured glasses. And they are filled with gaggles of beautiful people. What's not to like?? The glossies are also a valuable source of inspiration, especially if you are in a creative profession. When I went to fashion college we poured over them. There was a market not very far from Liverpool Street where we could buy older publications. I loved to go to Selfridges and see rows and rows of magazines. Harper's Bazaar, Arena, GQ, W, Vouge to just mention a few and I had a huge pile at the end of my bed. Each and every one gave me a lot.

One of my nick names in college was GQ-man, because they thought I looked like I had fallen right of a page of that particular publication.


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