fredag 11 februari 2011

John Richmond

When I studied in london one of my favourite spots were John Richmond's shop just off Carnaby Street. At that time he had a dark grey shirt with a zipper and two embroidered skeletons in black that I desperately wanted. Come on, it was in the 1990s!

I just love the cardigan in the picture above. Nice shoes as well. Oh, I like the whole thing.

John Richmond is today based in Milan but he was born in Manchester in 1960 and started his career in London in 1982. He has close ties with the world of rock music and has many celebrities as his clients like Annie lennox, Madonna and Mick Jagger.

A black suit is always a must and the shoes are cool even if you have to choose with care the occasions you wear them.

It takes a particular man to pull off shorts like the ones we see above. A bit of a tan helps. Pasty white doesn't really hack it. Blue tinted sun glasses I like, a lot.

I'm not a big fan of white. You could say that I blend in and disappear. On the other I like the suit above. Probably because the fabric has a pattern.
There is definitely a touch of rock over John Richmond's designs and I feel that one can sum up his style in one word ... cool.

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