söndag 20 februari 2011

Boel Hjertén

I think it is time to put the spotlight on a relative. My father's cousin, Boel Hjertén, who is a designer. No, it isn't her on the picture. That is Bond-woman Maud Adams. I couldn't find a picture of Boel so she will remain anonymous in that aspect a while longer. I put in a picture of Maud Adams because there is a connection between the two. Will get back to that soon.

We are not the most closely knit family in the world and I actually found out that Boel was a designer and my relative after I finished my own education as a designer. I am proud of her because she is a household name in the industry. She has for instance been a designer for KappAhl, on of Sweden's largest clothing companies. She has also been a designer for Maud Adams clothing brand for its short duration, hence the connection with the Swedish Hollywood star.

Today she has here own company in the clothing production with her head office in the Swedish city, Varberg.

I ran into her some years ago in a hotel lift in Stockholm. Life is a bit weird sometimes.


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