måndag 7 februari 2011


When in London you will find the biggest TopShop/TopMan branch at Oxford Circus on the opposite side of their big competitor H&M. I went to college a stone's throw away on John Princes Street and therefore the shops were quite frequently visited. Then I belonged to their target group but since I find it hard finding clothes I like there now it can mean that I'm getting too .... old .

I thought that I liked the sweater above but then I got uncertain and now I can't decide which. That collar. Wouldn't that look better on a woman? Then I picked the trousers because I really didn't like them. Who wants to go around looking like you've made a crap in your pants?

The shop on Oxford Circus is usually crammed like a sardine can. It's noisy and there's people everywhere and the last time I was there I could have run away in sheer panic.

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