fredag 25 februari 2011

Burberry - Explorer Canvas Bag, and a Fleeting Life

I was sitting there surfing the web while taking care of a student who did a re-exam in business. I found this bag from Burberry that cost "just" £650.
I asked my student if he was tired and he said that last monday he had got the information that he has a hereditary heart disease. This means that his heart can race at any moment and eventually stop. He needs a pace maker, has to take it easy and of course this weighs on his mind.
This puts luxury goods and a lot of other things into perspective. Not that we should stop shopping. If you can afford a bag like this and want it, and it makes you happy, buy it.
Life is fleeting. Too fleeting to not say "I love you" if that is what you want to do. Too fleeting to deny that you have feelings and to deny who you are. If you suppress that you feel and turn yourself into something that you not really are, you commit the biggest of crimes.
You betray yourself.

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