söndag 27 februari 2011

Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli. Just hearing and seeing the name makes me think of all things hot and sexy. He has completely succeeded in infusing a touch of sexiness in his clothes and even more so in his advertising. You can see an example here above and that is where it all starts. In good advertising the seeds of desire are planted, creating a thirst and hunger that needs to be quenched one way or another. If people don't know that you exist and you can't create a tantalizing story then you are more or less lost. Almost everyone knows who Roberto Cavalli is and that says it all.

Roberto Cavalli was born in Florence, Italy, in 1940. In the 1970s he invented a new technique for printing on leather and started making patchworks of different materials. In the beginning he got work from Hermes and Pierre Cardin before starting up his own brand. Today the brand consists of menswear, womenswear, perfumes, eyewear etc, etc.

The Roberto Cavalli fall men's collection for 2011 can make me salivate. Beautiful materials, great tailoring and as ever that touch of sexiness. Matters are not made worse by the influence of a 1970s playboy that is clearly suggested in the image. To die for!! Now I just have to decide if I want to be dressed from top to toe in Cavalli this autumn or ... eat.


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