onsdag 16 februari 2011


We profess our individuality, that we are unique and that we go our own way under the influence by no one but ourselves. So do I. Unique, my own man and so on and so fort usually roll over my lips. But truthfully, come on, how unique are we? Perhaps on the inside but definitely not on the outside. We run around like copies, with one or two shining exceptions of course, in styles dictated by others. How often have you been asked what you would like to wear? Most likely, never. Trend analysts and top designers wield their power but only to a certain extent. Behind them we have the financial backers and here we have the real clout. The only time we as consumers have any power is the times when we decide not to buy what they have put on the racks.

No, we obligingly walk the way that has been paved for us .... like a flock of sheep.



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