måndag 28 februari 2011


A dandy. The expression first came about in the 18th century in Paris and london. In London it meant a middle class man who tried to present himself as an aristocrat by the way he dressed. In the late 18th century it was the dandy who set the tone in fashion. Most noted details in a dandy's wardrobe was the white tie and tails and the cylinder hat. A genuine dandy was characterized by ruthlessness, cold sarcasm, irony, good taste and elegance.

Oscar Wilde
Oscar Wilde was considered the ultimate dandy. He used lots of decorations and ornaments in his dress as a dandy should. He was interested in the arts and was a seeker which also were noted characteristics of a dandy. Work was not for a dandy but I don't think that being a writer was considered as work at the time of Oscar Wilde.

Being a dandy is also considered as being a snob and the first known dnady was Beau Brummell who was a friend of king George the IV. Apparently the king could sit for hours watching Brummell get dressed to get a notion of where his elegance came from. Hmmm ....
The style of the dandy resurfaces in fashion now and then and I love it!

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