tisdag 8 februari 2011

Versace Spring 2011

When I went to fashion college we all wanted to be the new Gianni Versace. All of us. Literaly. He embodied total success. He was making money like he was printing it. He had a luxurious and opulent lifestyle. He was friends with Hollywood actors and Rock Stars. When other fashion houses used one or two supermodels he used them all. The Medusa head that he used was a symbol stood for power and wealth. Come on, who wouldn't want a taste of that?!

His clothes were sexy. The models were gorgeous and usually photographed by Bruce Weber or Helmut Newton. We copied him blatantly. Gianni Versace started his company in 1978 and it was a family affair with his sister Donatella as his muse. He always wanted to portray an air of nobility and royalty about his family. Versace was tragically shot outside his Miami home in 1997 and the world was one creative genius short. His sister Donatella took creative control over the operation but his niece, Allegra, owns 50% of the company and has the final say.

So what has happened with company the last decade since Gianni Versace passed away? Has his legacy been well taken care of? More or less. What can be said is that the quality of creativity is a bit haphazard and some of the things that are sent down the catwalk should never have gone past the sketch stage. That can be said of the men's collection for spring 2011. The style looks a mix between a bad Elvis copy and a clubber gone wrong.

Fortunately the women's collection is a real treat. It feels innovative, clean and happening. I get a graphic wibe which I like. The colours are also fresh and holds a promise of spring. I can imagine the fashionistas in Milan running along the cobblestones in killer high heels and Versace.


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