torsdag 10 februari 2011

Peter Jöback

Today I came in a bit later to work. I took the opportunity to switch on the telly and zapped to TV4 where I saw Malou von Sivers do an interview with Swedish musical artist Peter Jöback. He actually looks a better now when he is older and he looks trendy and happening. What caught my atention was the sweater he was wearing. You can see it in the picture below. Not very clearly, I know. Light brown with red and black shoulder patches. My first instinct was, want it! If push comes to shove I suppose I have to contact TV4 and see if they can tell me where he got it from.

Some years ago I was in Gothenburg with some friends to watch Cabaret. The main reason me and my best friend, Anna, went to see it was that Peter Jöback was in the production. At one point he went down to the audience and took a stroll. He locked eyes with me and my main thought was, don't revert your eyes. It felt like forever and Anna almost keeled over from excitement. I am not usually star struck but I do enjoy when I catch their atention. ;-)
When I look at Peter Jöback I think of puppy dogs. I wonder if that is good or bad?


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