onsdag 9 februari 2011


Topeco was a company in the city of Ulricehamn that manufactured socks and I saw their sign on their brown stone building as I grew up. I recently googled them and found out that today they are owned by Springhill Textile AB that has its seat in Helsingborg.

Topeco was founded in 1948 and in recent years they developed their business to contain underwear and belts. Everything presented with hot advertising. I have used the socks for very long time because of the good quality. Therefore I tested the underwear as well and haven't used anything else since

The quality is great, they are comfortable and they keep the package in place. If you didn't know it before I can tell that that detail is quite important. You can buy two pairs for approximately £20 which is good. One pair of Calvin Klein's is more expensive and then you get a pair of underwear where the elastic band sags after a couple of washes. I'm sticking to my Topeco's.


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