söndag 24 april 2011

A Tribute to Alexander McQueen on Easter Sunday

It's Easter Sunday and my neck is killing me. Reading Irina's copy of "Devil in Disguise" by Julian Clary that I accidentally (or not so accidentally) forgot in my bag. A perfect read on a sunny and lazy sunday. Today I felt like making a tribute to the late Alexander McQueen. Probably the only designer who never sent a single boring garment down the catwalk. Theatrical, imaginative, over the top but in a good sense and absolutely one of a kind.

The pale alien look from 1997 is spectacular.

From one of the latest collections. Who but Alexander McQueen would think of making an umbrella as a hat and put a smaller one on top to boot.

This nothing short of sheer genius. Shalom Harlow walks out to the middle of the stage, steps on the turning platform and as she turns the two robots spray the white dress with black and yellow making a unique pattern. Hail to the master!!!

I love skull prints on clothes and one made out of flowers is extra special. I need to get a hold of a t-shirt like that.

The catwalk shows of Alexander McQueen were the best in the world.

So where ever you are now Alexander McQueen I hope that you have peace of mind.


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