tisdag 12 april 2011

Dior Homme Spring 2011

I am a real sucker for black and I'm no stranger to wearing it in the height of summer even if it feels like you are boiling from the inside out. I suppose that black is a colour I feel safe with. I'm trying to get better with colours and recently I added my wardrobe with a pair of orange and two pair of blue trousers. Colour is the big thing this summer but Kris Van Assche seems to have gone an entirely different road with Dior Homme. Black, black and more black. I don't mind and I do like people who walk their own way instead of doing what the rest is sending down the catwalk but I don't like the shapes. It's new and innovative. I can give you that but still it doesn't speak to me. The creation above is decidely different. I suppose I would wear that if I was auditioning for the next Matrix triology.


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