lördag 16 april 2011


In the midst of London we have the epitomy of luxury, Harrods. The department store that is so big it feels like you need a map and a compass. Five floors with 330 different departments. It is quite common that you will be walking around in circles and wonder where the hell you are and how to get out. It's a fantastic place but at times I can think that it is too much but that depends entirely on which mood I'm in. It was founded already in 1834 and today it is owned by Quatar Investment Authority and employs well over 5000 people. The Harrods motto goes like this Omnia Omnibus Ubique - All Things for all People, Everywhere. Now that is impressive but let's face it, we know that it is not for all people. I have read somewhere that they say that they sell everything from a pin to an elephant. Apparently Ronal Reagan put it to the test at a state visit in the UK. The sales clerk asked without batting an eyelid if the American president wanted an Indian or an African elephant. That you can call service!!

Harrods is a phenomenom and even if the prices of the goods inside are too steep for you, go in and look. It's worth the visit.


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