lördag 23 april 2011


When I was a teenager I really didn't like my own hair colour, and it went on into my late twenties. I bleached it, coloured it and highlighted it. My hair went through an enormous amounts of shades and finally I couldn't remember what my hair colour was. I let it grow out. It felt exotic for a while but at that time I lived by the faith that blondes have more fun.

As I got older I got used to my own hair colour and I'm comfortable in it. That being said I'm a bit bored with it at the moment. I get bored easily, unfortunately I want changes in many ways but an easy thing to change is hair colour. I'm thinking about going darker but we'll see.

Perhaps I should do what I did two years ago. Let it all go as you can see on the picture. It was a friday and Anna was going to sleep over. I drove her to the party that she was going to, came home, stood in front of the bathroom mirror and cut it all off. Anna was a bit shocked with my apperance when I picked her up in the middle of the night.


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