torsdag 28 april 2011

Fellow Blogger

I suppose it's time to highlight other bloggers. Why not? It's a jungle out there and finding the gems in that mess can be hard. What is a gem is of course entirely individual and down to taste. One blog that I have followed for years is Tony the Swede or as I know him, Tony Ryttar. He's not a fashion blogger but I read others as well, believe it or not. He writes about himself and events that touches or aggrevates him. He knows how to play with words. Too well sometimes, perhaps. Recently he has recycled old postings because his fan base has grown. I can thoroughly understand it but it's a bit boring for an old reader like me.

That is one thing that seperates us. His memory is like Swiss cheese. Full of holes. Mine is as safe as a bank vault. I remember every word he has uttered or written.

Read his blog and see that he has the ability to touch people with words.


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