fredag 1 april 2011

In my neck of the woods we have the heart of Swedish mailorder business. It used to be only catalogues but now they have gone digital. The new companies start of as digital and one example is nelly. It is a successful business that keep on growing. It started on a small scale and now they have taken hold of the Scandinavian and German market. If you don't get the lingo you can use Google Translate. They have nice clothes and I'm sure you can find something to satisfy your need for clothes.
I'm continuing my crusade for pink with this Sweater from Swedish Ljung. They call it raspberry. I mean, same shit but a different bag.

I'm in desperate need for more jeans, believe it or not. These from Jack & Jones fits the bill, at least for me.

This shirt from Humör (Swedish for mood, but Danish company) I think is cool. Should guarantee some atention grabbing moments.

I really like this sweater from Hummel. Either it is that I like the combination of red and blue or because of what the sweater is wrapped around. Hmmm ....


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