lördag 23 april 2011

Primark Again

I had to go back to Primark. When I bought the jeans I saw a sweatshirt I liked and I felt that I had to have it. As I was getting I also picked up two pair of sunglasses. They were one pound each. I couldn't pass that one up.

Primark was started in Ireland in 1969 but in the beginning they were called Penneys Stores. The idea was to give the customers fashion for less money. They grew in size quickly and they entered the UK market in 1973 and by 1983 the number of shops in the UK had reached 22. In 1995 Primark acquired the BHS chain in the UK and when C&A left the UK market Primark bought 11 of their shops. In the twentyfirst century Primark entered new markets in Belgium, Spain and Portugal to mention a few. In 2007 a 70 000 square feet large shop was opened on Oxford Street in London.

The company my mother used to work for made a lot of swearshirts with Mickey Mouse prints and I had a lot of them. When I saw the sweatshirt above at Primark I felt compelled to make a nostalgic tribute.

And two pair of sunglasses for two quid. Since my aunt sat down on one of my Calvin Klein sunglasses and squashed them I buy them cheap and in bulk.

Primark, a new love story for me ...


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