fredag 15 april 2011

Hawaii Shirt

The Hawaii Shirt has reared it's ugly face and made a comeback on the catwalk. The shirt above is Paul Smith's contribution to this less than tasteful revival. I grant you that they are colourful but they put a smile on my face for all the wrong reasons. They can definitely be useful if you and a friend are in a huge crowd and you are afraid of getting separated. It should be easy to spot each other.

I realise that they are a part of a national heritage for the Hawaiians and probably makes them a buck or two flogging them to the tourists. No matter I just don't find them beautiful and few are the men who can carry them off. I suppose that one of the shining exceptions is Tom Selleck in his role as Magnum.

This picture reminds me of my father who is about the same age as Tom Selleck and they looked alike. My father also wore a Hawaii shirt.

Dear God ....


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