söndag 16 januari 2011

The Persuaders

Yesterday I saw a rerun of the series The Persuaders. I have loved it since the first time I saw it. The plot is really cheesy sometimes but to see the interior decorating, the clothes and the colours of the 1970s is notning short of a treat.

The Persuaders was made in 1971 and only ran for one season due to that it failed to create a success in the USA. In Europe and Australia the series was considered a hit. Roger Moore and Tony Curtis played millionaires Lord Brett Sinclair and Danny Wilder. Two happy-go-lucky playboys who solved mysteries, caught bad guys and saved damsels in distress.

I suppose I like it because of the humorous banter between Moore and Curtis. Their approach on life is one that most people would like to adopt to their own reality. Then we have the clothes. I just love the style of the 1970s. There are of course aspects to reject but also many that we still can incorporate into our design making and create a touch of cool.

The theme music made by John Barry is the best in the world!!


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