måndag 17 januari 2011

London College of Fashion

LCF BA Hons Costume for Performance, Charlotte Rose Brazier
Sometimes I surf into the website of my old college, London College of Fashion, to update myself on what is going on there. It is nice to have such an easy access. It wasn't like that when I attended the college but that was back in the Stone Ages. I found this delightful ensemble made by Charlotte Rose Brazier made for the final show of the course for Custome for Performance in 2010.
I love the clear blue colour of the jacket and the style of a 19th century gentleman. I have always had a fascination with peacock feathers. I think that they are so beautiful. In this custome there is also a play with gender when it comes to humans and animals. In the animal world it is the males that are colourful to in that way attract the females. If you look back in time men have had more flamboyant styles when it comes to clothing and you can't escape the fact that also we humans dress to attract the atention of others.
In recent years we have seen a return of men playing with different styles and being more flamboyant again. It is so much more fun that way, I think.

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