lördag 1 januari 2011

The Man makes the Suit

A suit should be in every man's closet, if nothing else then for your graduation or for attending a wedding. Go for a black with a classic cut and you can have it for years. I wear suits for work so I have a few to choose from, black, grey and black with pinstripes. Without a bit of variety I would be bored to death. Apart from that get yourself a variety of shirts, ties and cuff links. That is the only way we men can individualise and try to not end up like an army of penguins.

If we look back three hundred years in history the men looked very different from now (at least the noble men). They were like peacocks in every colour of the rainbow with jewelery and powdered wigs. Now that is quite a leap from men's formal attire that we are restricted to today. But would we like to go back to the fashion of the 18th century noble man? Well, perhaps for a day or two.
The designer of the label, POUR, Robert Berggren, a few years ago gave me the advice to buy a suit that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, and then take it to a tailor and get it fitted like a glove. The quality between an expensive ready made suit is not that overtly different from a cheaper one but if you happen to be Mr. Moneybags you should definitely go for a superbly tailored suit. You can never escape the fact that Savile Row will always be Savile Row!

But I would like to puncture a myth; The suit doesn't make the man. It is always the man who makes the suit.


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