fredag 28 januari 2011


The final project at The London College of Fashion, oh so long ago, was to design formal wear for Ascot. Do you remember, Irina? The first thing was to get as much research as possible and then start the actual design with working drawings and the whole nine yards. The next step was to make patterns, make a toile of calico before cutting the actual fabric and sitting down by the sewing machine transforming the textiles into the actual garments that shortly before only had existed on paper.

The adventure then continued with the actual event where the clothes we had created in two years time where to be displayed on the catwalk. Lights, music and finishing touches mingled with extensive training of walking and taking the stage as dramatically as possible. Then the day of the actual event with three seperate shows on one of the hottest days in June. Backstage packed with models, dressers, hair and make-up people with temperatures that could rival a Finnish sauna. When I finished one of my scenes I had to run to the dressing room, get out of the outfit and into this blue suit, run back to the catwalk followed by a make-up artist who covered my face in powder to mask the sweat that was breaking out in my face, then step out on the catwalk again, into the lime light, cool as a cucumber and not reveal anything of the chaos backstage.

What memories! And I made a success. Did you really think otherwise? ;-)


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