tisdag 18 januari 2011

Josefin Strid

Josefin Strid

Emma Bredell

One of my former students, Josefin Strid, is making bit of a splash on the fashion scene. She has always been very determined and I am sure she will go far. She had her eyes set on Central St. Martins in London but success can come anyway which is quite evident here.
She is very experimental and has a fascinating creativity. The men's clothes above is inspired by Pride and Prejudice. A bold statement to such feminine inspired clothes on men. They are a bit too floral for my taste and truth to be told I wouldn't like to be caught dead in them. On the other hand I'm sure she will do much coveted pieces in the future and that she will be represented in my wardrobe.
You can also see a beautiful black dress, modeled by another of my former students Emma Bredell. The last picture is from Emma's prom where she wore a dress designed by Josefin. I was there as a host of the event.
Keep your eyes open for Josefin Strid (and for Emma Bredell as well). Gee, I rhymed.

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