fredag 21 januari 2011

The Look

We live in a society where we are judged by the way we look. It is not news. It is a practice that has been going on for as long as humans have wandered on this globe. If a person is considered as beautiful he or she has advantages when it comes to atention, acceptance from others and generally speaking how they are treated. There are even studies that show that babies take easier to people who are classically beautiful.

Everything is down to a lucky draw in the genetical lottery and it is nothing we aquire if we don't slam ourselves down in the operating room of the nearest plastic surgeon. We are every day fed with images of beautiful people and that leads to that many of us go on diets, hit the gym and resort to the scalpel to get what we consider to be a perfect body and a perfect face. The irony of it all is that the people we see on the pictures have a job being beautiful and spend a lot of time and money to achieve that result. On top of that the pictures have been enhanced through some computer programme where you can add and take away where it is needed. With make-up, a good photographer and some air brushing most people can come out looking like a supermodel. The sad thing is that a lot of us fall for the ideal and try to create a copy of the fictious picture of a perfect human being.

A beautiful shell can be nice to look at but if there is no substance beneath the glossy veneer or if the person in question is rude the facade easily cracks. A really beautiful person is a person who is content with who he or she is. A beautiful inside can surpass an appealing exterior.

Me who went through harassment at a young age have during parts of my life felt ugly and unwanted, which is a normal reaction in those who have been subjected to ridicule. When I moved to London the picture I had of myself changed. I realised that there were people who saw me as good looking and that I attracted atention. I even got the chance to run up and down the catwalk from time to time. I don't see myself as handsome and I don't wear and tear at the mirror at home. I'm like most people I suppose. Some days I'm happy with the way I look and other days I would just like to put a brown paper bag over my head.

Am I then aware of that there are people who think that I have a pleasing look? Yes! And do I try to take advantage of it to get perks and get treated better in most of everyday situations? Hell, yes!

I would be quite stupid otherwise, wouldn't I.


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