fredag 14 januari 2011

Dear God!!

Dear God, kids!!! Don't try this at home! Pete Burns and Jocelyn Wildenstein are two examples of what can happen when plastic surgery goes to hell. I'm not against plastic surgery per se because in some cases it can work wonders, with burn victims for example. The catastrophy is usually there when you don't know when to stop having the procedures. In both cases of Peter and Jocelyn there are underlying problems which they have tried to mend by drastically changing their faces. The cure is never that easy. No matter what you do to your apperance or no matter how far you run you will never escape who you are or the bagage you carry with you. You have to work with your insides and accept the light and the dark. You can inject, tweek, pull and extract but in the cold, hard light of day you will never be anything else but you.
And who the f'**k are these surgeons that continued to perform the procedures?!


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